Friday, January 8, 2010

Can you pop a boil like a pimple?

yes, like string cheese.........|||you should not pop boils, soak them with a warm solution of epsom salts to bring to a head.

Boils are deep skin infections caused by ingrown hairs, something getting lodged in the skin such as a splinter, dirty clogged pores getting infected can also cause a boil.

Boils normally come to a head, pop on their own and then the skin skrinks back to normal and heals. Once the boil has popped, you should still keep the area very clean and dont allow the pus on your skin. Once the infection is gone and healed to the point that there is a scar, you can put vitamin e or aloe vera onto the scar to help minimize scarring.

If the boil doesnt come to a head and pop on its own after regular epsom salt soakings, contact your doctor, you might need to kick start the healing with a round of antibiotics to kill the infection.

Key is soaking with epsom salts, dont get the pus on your hands or the surrounding area when it pops, and keeping the area very clean.

Good luck!|||Sometimes. Other times the boil can become a bad type of staph infection that a doctor needs to drain, clean and dress, otherwise it will get much worse. But unlike a pimple, the abscess is covered by many layers of skin and isn%26#039;t easily punctured without a surgical instrument. You can give it a try by first using heat to bring the impurities to the surface. It might help, but it might not. If it gets worse, go to a doctor.|||No.

See a physician or nurse.

Boils are more complex and somewhat is there a, say, seed or core more integral and deep to the skin; this, more connected to the body, an expression that something within is off.

It can cause an overall feeling of malaise for sure, maybe even mild fever, not to mention a fiery pain at and around the site. One has to determine what nature of cyst this might be, say, for example, sebacious or lipoma or otherwise -- maybe needing a biopsy is indicated.

It should be watched for determination of whether it needs to be addressed antibiotically or by lancing and treatment, or if simply it be allotted to diminish of its own accord with help of heat application, ensuring the surface is kept clean, and time, though painful it may well be in any case, after which releasing and drainage it should be looked at again that the site evidences a healthy healing process, taking note of color for a healthy pink indicated deep to the dermal layer.

These things can erupt naturally not unlike those of some volcanoes. Hygiene becomes important.

If good otherwise, time heals with dressings of 0.9% ml saline cleansings, then that and gauze sponging applied.|||You have to soak it in something to cause it to come to a head like oatmeal or the skin off the inside of the egg.

Or egg white.|||you shouldn%26#039;t as it is harder to heal=put a hot cloth on it to draw the pus to the surface =may have to do it a few times but will be better when it pops itself

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