Friday, January 8, 2010

I have a big pimple full of pus, will the pus be gone by tomorrows if i dont pop it?

No! Pop it!!! Drain the puss out and let the healing begin!|||Apply some benzoyl peroxide (it%26#039;s in most zit creams, look for the highest percentage you can get otc). It%26#039;ll dry it out. If it%26#039;s not close enough to the surface yet, it won%26#039;t go away completely, but it%26#039;ll make it less noticable. If you pop it you still have the remain for a few days.|||not necessarly, but if you pop zits your skin will age and possibly scar, trust me|||NOO!

POP IT ASAP.|||no. but dont pop it, that will just make more come back sooner.

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