Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Once you get a pimple whats the best way to get rid of it quickly after you pop it and it swells up?

i already know theres no cure for acne i just want to know what to do once you get a zit and dont tell me not to pop it cuz im not walking around with a big ol white headed thing on my neck|||i love using the toothpaste thing right before bed it works say you have a really sore one the night b4 it will be much better the next day

Is it a lip pimple? Or is there really somthing wrong?

I got it last night it%26#039;s a pimple like hump on my lip I know it%26#039;s not a canker sore but I pinched it and puss like liquid came out then blood.

Is it just a pimple or is there something wrong like a disease?|||A pimple, its nothing serious|||I think it%26#039;s just a zit. You%26#039;re fine.|||its a zit i think. i had one before for a very long time then i decided to pop it because the cold sore cream didnt do anything for it in a week. also puss came out and it turned to a scab and healed in 3-5 days. u couldnt tell something was there.|||Cold sore or herpes. Herpes can get big and bleed a lot even after the puss is out.

I'm going to the pool but I have a huge Pimple on my face.?

I%26#039;m going to the pool this Friday with all my friends. And right now I have a huge pimple on my face (and some smaller ones) My couver up comes off in the water. How can i hide the pimples?

Thanks|||You can%26#039;t. You could buy a waterproof foundation...But it will be really expensive.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot treatment might help for a lil while, but no OTC products really help clear up acne for good.|||wet a wash cloth with as hot water as you can to bring to a head. don%26#039;t pinch but you can use a clean needle to release the puss then just keep CLEAN don%26#039;t put and foundation on it|||This may sound really weird... but mix your foundation with a little diaper rash cream..... its water resistant and in turn it will make your makeup resistant too|||water proof makeup|||put toothpaste on it at night

or get neaurogena acne face stuff

I have one cyst pimple of my chin that i need to get rid of. the dermo said its an infection and im on..?

topicl medicine. other than this stuff, is there anyway to get the infection out or away faster?

PLEASE HELP. ITS MAKING ME WANNA LIKE STAY AT MY HOUSE|||I%26#039;ve gotten those many times. The only thing that worked for me is to put neosporin on a q-tip and massage it for about 30 seconds, 2 or 3 times a day. It will come to a head soon, then just pop it. Make sure you see blood when you pop it to make sure all the gross stuff comes out.

I have a little pimple on my lower left breast?

it is a tiny red dot and now its pink cuz i busted it. what can i put on it. should i be worried it is there two weeks. it has not gotten bigger and doesn%26#039;t itch. just a pink dot. maybe 1cm|||I occasionally get tiny ones in the middle of my breasts. I think it%26#039;s caused from sweat particles building up here.

It does take awhile to heal because the skin is not as tough and vigorous as say your arm or back or even your face as this area of us doesn%26#039;t see much sun.

As annoying as it is to have a dot here it will eventually go away on it%26#039;s own it just takes time.|||I think its pretty ornamental. I can imagine how sexy your breast would be looking with a pimple on it. Don%26#039;t worry about it, let it go. You must be looking beautiful because only beautiful girls have such things on their breasts.........Your boyfriend must be very very lucky.

I have a huge pimple on my face HELP?

well i have a red bump. i think its a pimple.cus i have acne.and its been there for like 3 days.and i have this party tomorrow.what will make the bump go down or even better go away.will toothpaste help? hmmm any suggestions.?|||toothpaste works for me. or the clearisil acne zapping cream... but it wont completely go away, there will most likely still be some red. get some concealer for the party and throw it in your purse for re application later on.|||Use Cortaid cream and don%26#039;t touch it. It should be gone by tomorrow. Take makeup to cover any remaining redness.|||Peel an banana and rub the spot with the inside of the skin. Then tape a one cent coin (copper) on it with surgical tape and leave it for as long as possible.|||Sounds like a cyst, just leave it alone until it comes to a head. It will not disappear by tomorrow%26#039;s party!|||rub vodka into it and let it soak in

A big, red pimple on the tip of your nose or on your butt?

my butt, then no one would see it, unless ur one of those lucky guys ;)|||Hi Benny,

Never had one on My Butt before.Lot%26#039;s of times in My Teen Years i would have one show up on My nose and it wasn%26#039;t a pretty site to Me..

Your Friend,

poppy1|||Butt. Then I could Sqqqeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzeeeeee it till it blew up and spewed puss all over the walls.|||Nose|||On my butt.|||butt|||On my butt...that way I can hide it.|||my butt, at least no one could see it. but it will hurt to sit down.|||I didn%26#039;t know butts had tips|||Neither, Yikes. I keep my motor clean.