Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to hide Pimple's hole on face?

Now i am 25 years old. When i was teenage i use to have pimples on my face. Now i don%26#039;t have pimples but i have very tiny holes on my face? How to hide this hole? Please give me permanent or temporary solutions for this. Since i am mail i can%26#039;t makeup my face.

hoping i could get solution of my problem.

Thanking you!|||Dermabrasion will strip away the pitted top layer of skin and reveal the baby%26#039;s bottom you have always wanted. See any dermatologist. There is recovery time required - no exposure to sun and the elements, bandages, for a few days.|||Olay Regenersit Microdermabrasion.

Works really well, however do not use this more than once per month if that, microdermabrasion is very powerful and it stimulates cell turnover for clear, smooth, hole free skin, thats great, but its very abrasive on the skin.

People don%26#039;t go out and get microdermabrasion treatments twice a week so I wouldn%26#039;t recommend it more than once a month.

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